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Parents should stand and join this!

Join Madeleine as we need to react and stop teach teaching our 5 years old whatever they wants, Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more and amazing topics. Nifuate kwenye episode yangu ili ugunduwe ginsi watoto wetu wanavyo fundishwa kufanya usharati na mengine bado wana miaka tano tuu, (Visited 67 times, 1 visits today)

Celina and Jean Luc Traditional Wedding in Toronto

Celine and Jean Luc Traditionale weiding was a great and special moment for several time this two family has brought Friends and families comes together and celebrate this new future couple, Introduction, dote, engagement, amazing night party dring and foods was served every moments. (Visited 126 times, 2 visits today)

Ines and Steeve Congolese Traditional wedding Intro

Many thank you to Ines and Steeve for trusting Zum Group to cover the all ceremony, two days of shooting, Friday June 29 and Saturday 30th, Congolese Traditional wedding was a first moments that this two family brought a big number of their friend to start celebrating the union of Ines and Steeve. Eating dancing […]

African Union Raising Flages ceremony Toronto

The African Union Flags ceremony in Toronto was an Historical, That has brought all African and Caribbeans in diaspora to hear the new strategy AU has for the Diaspora, For more information please sign up and became a member on http://www.au6rc.org/en/become-member/ or contact the Secretary General (Visited 158 times, 1 visits today)

Beauty and Style Expo Toronto 2018

Thank you for everyone who came, Thank you for Charly and theam for giving us trust to be one of sponsors, for success of this one stop event expo for Beauty and stylistes in Toronto that never before (Visited 153 times, 1 visits today)

Slavery was not our choice Kanya!

I Understand now that today’s generation have to know how struggle, miserable live Africa all that Africa went trough out in slavery traffics, also Understand that’s was not our choice. (Visited 151 times, 1 visits today)

Didi Mudogo Bukavu Dawa Sur Zum Talk Show Toronto

OC Bukavu Dawa ( BUDA)!. Inaongozwa na President Didi Mudogo na akiwa kweye plateaux za Zum talk show Toronto na strategies mupya za Team ya OC Bukavu Dawa mu Diaspora, Kwa wa ndugu wote ambawo wangelipenda kujuwa mengi hapa Canada Please Contactez David Bandeke  (Visited 570 times, 1 visits today)

Black Panther movie review by Madeleine Kwema

The month of Black history this years was something else as exacly the first black marvel characters appeared in the new movie released BLACK PANTHER, Please watch other videos and more movies review, fashion Show, Home Design, Events and Celebrity Interview on www.zumgroup.com (Visited 206 times, 1 visits today)

Yes We’re Queens and Kings of the World

Nilitaka usivunjike moyo kuusu izi drama zote ambazo mara kwa mara wanatuita sisi weusi ni ma monkey, nifuate nikueleze kirefu kwa nini, Asante sana kwa The Media Studio, (Visited 135 times, 1 visits today)

Christmas ni mini? na Umeanza mwaka namuna gani?

Baada ya kufuata episode hii naamini uta badirisha ginsi unavyo celebrate Christmas, Piya nina message yako mbele uanze mwaka huu mupya wa 2018, please nifuate ili ugunduwe mengi katika show hii. David bandeke #Madolacongolaise #Zumtalkshow #Zumgroup#TheMediastudio Youtube: https://youtu.be/dbHpxUoj8fM (Visited 209 times, 1 visits today)